Terms and Condition Policy

Service Provider (HentakFX) Responsibility

  1. Provide an EA or expert advisor for clients to rent to used in FOREX only.
  2. Put an effort to make sure the EA giving profit each months according to clients deposits and risks required.
  3. Provide essential consultation and customer service 24 hours per day 5 days a week.
  4. Installing, maintaining and remove the EA as clients instructions
  5. Act as Introducing Broker for clients and Fort FS as Broker.
  6. HentakFX has the right to know the client under “Client Monitoring” subjects as follows:
    • The Company conducts an ongoing monitoring of the Client’s transactions in order to ensure timely detection of transactions subject to mandatory monitoring and suspicious transactions.
    • Suspicious transactions include:
      – currency exchange transactions not linked to any trading activity;
      – account transactions or other activity that is different from the one stated in the company’s incorporation documents;
      – transactions which have no apparent economic sense.
    • Company employees involved in maintaining a relationship with Clients conduct an ongoing daily monitoring of their transactions to identify unusual and suspicious transactions/activity. Upon detection of such transactions/activity, a Company employee will forward this information to the respective Introducing Broker, who will conduct initial analysis and, if necessary, report the transaction details to the Competent Authority.
    • The Introducing Broker is responsible for advising  involved in maintaining relationship with Clients to be able to identify transactions possibly linked to money laundering and terrorism financing and  recognize indicators suggesting that the sources of the Client’s funds need to be studied in greater details.

Clients Responsibility

  1. Client give HentakFX deposits in exchange for these items:
    • Expert Advisor rental as instruct by client through our pacages
    • VPS rental as instruct by client through our pacages
    • Investment initial capital as instruct by client through our pacages
    • Training and consultation regarding HentakFX EA and Introducing Broker for Fort FS
  2. Client cannot ask for fully refund for this item after the payment has been made:
    • Expert Advisor rental as agreed
    • VPS rental as agreed
  3. Client only can claims the balance initial investment capital after one (1) month trial ONLY for ‘Plan 1000 USD’ clients if there is 0% profits OR loss of investment in the previous trial month.
  4. No initial capital withdrawal can be made after trial one (1) month complete for the next 2 months to prevent money laundering activities under AMLA law in Malaysia.
  5. ONLY profits can be withdrawn anytime after the initial capital has been deposits.
  6. The risk of loosing the investment capital are held upon by clients ONLY and cannot be claimed for the HentakFX.
  7. Before any withdrawal made, it is advisable to ask the respective Introducing Broker for advice and recommendation.
  8. Client need to follow the rules stated and enforce by the Government of Malaysia.
  9. The client are considered as agree with this terms and conditions when they made deposits payments through the local depositor of Fort FS Broker.